Using Recycled Paper?

Running a tissue or brown mill? Eliminate stickies, no more solvents, a softer sheet, higher production an increase in brightness AND yield!

ENESSCO is the one-shot contaminant control technology that will change the way you look at stickies.


Greatly Reduces Costs

Eliminate the high cost of wax, stickies and contaminates problems. ENESSCO siginificantly reduces contact adhjesives/hot melts/wax and other contaminants by efficiently purging them from the process.

Environmentally Friendly

Solvents, wax and stickies are inevitably bad for the environment. by eliminating these polluters, we are helping to preserve the environment and saving money.

Proven Results

In a recent case study of a paper mill in Spain, the results were enormous. Better run-ability on the machine, and improved formation.


ENESSCO Enhanced

For Sticky Control

Enessco is a major breakthrough in paper making, as it eliminates wax and solvents in recycled paper mills. Enessco is initiated as a Fiber/Contaminants "Modification" treatment. This approach actually treats the surface interface between the contaminant and the paper fiber, allowing the contaminants "Independently" release from the wood fiber. The contaminants are stabilized, and are removed more efficiently be Screening and Cleaning Equipment.

Enessco significantly reduces contact adhesives/hot melts/wax and other contaminants by efficiently purging them from the process (no cycle up). This maximizes the capacity of the stock preparation system, while producing high quality pulp. Enessco is administered via repulpable bags in dry form to the pulper; in many cases, Detac stock treatment can be eliminated.

How it Works

Enessco's Power Begins in the Pulper

Enessco is a 100% Active Dry Powder Product, a blend of Wetting Agents & Inorganic Polymers fed to the recycled fiber pulper. It is available in 2.27 or 22.7 kg repulpable bags or make down systems, deink dosage rates of approximately 0.6 Kg. per ton of recycled furnish in the pulper.

Batch or Continuous, any pH, any temperature, Enessco’s Wetting Agents speed up fiber rewet so contaminants do not stick to wet surfaces. This keeps the contaminants large for easier and faster removal.

Stickies Removal Increased 400% - 600% in Case Studies

Inorganic polymer contains hydrophobic and hydrophilic ends that attach to all hydrophobic contaminants and modifies physical properties to allow equipment to better distinguish between fiber and contaminant.

Exclusive & Patented by Enessco Int., it is the only environmentally friendly product designed to release contaminants quickly from fibers and increase the efficiency of Contaminant Removal Equipment and Water Clarification, while minimizing Fiber Loss.

The results

In every mill that uses Enessco, the results are tremendous. Many have eliminated the high cost of wax and stickies, no more solvents, a softer sheet, higher production and an increase in brightness and yield! Mills that have adopted Enessco Enhanced have seen as much as a 3 to 1 return on investment, cleaner HB, Foils, Rolls, and Fabrics

Lightweight Cleaner Rejects

Lightweight Cleaner Accepts

Spain Mill Cleaner Rejects

Cleaner Rejects with and without Enessco