Paper Mill recycled stickies control, remove more contaminants!

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  • ENESSCO Enhanced

    No More Stickies

    ENESSCO Enhanced

    For Stickies Control

    A major breakthrough in paper making
    Say goodbye to stickies & hello to higher production, increased brightness AND yield!
  • How it Works

    Contaminant Removal

    How it Works
    ENESSCO Enhanced is 100% Active Dry Powder Product, a blend of Wetting Agents & Inorganic Polymers that is fed to the recycled fiber pulper.

    Polymers attach to all hydrophobic contaminants and modify them, allowing equipment to better distiguish between fiber and contaminant.
  • Overwhelming Results

    Boost Production

    Overwhelming Results
    Stickies Removal Increased 400% - 600%

    Eliminate the high cost of wax and solvents while getting softer and brighter recycle fiber sheets.

  • World-Wide Distribution


    World-Wide Distribution
    We distribute our products all over the world. Contact our staff to find out how we can help you save money and increase brightness & yield for your recycle fiber paper making.
  • Using Enessco Saves Money

    COVID-19 has changed the way people use paper, causing a shortage on good quality recycle wastepaper. Paper Mills are now forced to use lower quality recycle that cause paper quality and operating problems because of larger amounts of inks and stickies.

    Enessco has a proven solution.

    • Allows Use of Lower Grade Recycled Paper
    • Saves as much as $50 per Ton
    • Adds only $1 to $3 Treatment Costs
    • Stickies Removal Increased 400% - 600%
    • Worldwide Distribution of our Product

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  • Case Story

    Increased Production

    100% Closed Brown Mill

    ENESSCO enables the micro-stickies and wax contaminants not removed by screening to be detackified. Improved performance, lower machine desposition.

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  • Case Study

    Significantly Reduces Downtime

    100% Post-Consumer Recycled Furnish

    ENESSCO significantly reduces contact adhesives, hot melts and wax by purging them from the process. Stickies eliminated, costs down from $5.00/Ton to $3.00/Ton.

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  • Reduce Costs

    Virtually Eliminate Solvents

    Solvent Use Comparison

    ENESSCO substantially reduced operating costs while increasing productivity.

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  • Results

    Increased Efficiency

    Product Efficiency Comparison

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  • Using Enessco Saves Money
  • Increased Production
  • Significantly Reduces Downtime
  • Virtually Eliminate Solvents
  • Increased Efficiency
Cleaner Rejects

Cleaner Rejects

In every mill, the results are seen in the Hand Sheets of the Cleaners and Screen Rejects.

Cleaner Accepts

Cleaner Accepts

Better run-ability on the machinces and improved formation are just some of the benefits or using ENESSCO.

Reduce Dirt Counts

Reduce Dirt Counts

Improved final sheet quality, with "Dirt Counts" related to stickies and contaminantes reduced by 25% - 50%

Contact us to control recycled Paper Mill stickies, remove more contaminants